Why Choose a Toroidal Power Transformer

The toroidal transformer gets its name from its shape. The transformer uses a toroidal (donut)-shaped magnetic core. A wire is wound around this ferromagnetic core. The core could be iron powder, ferrite or laminated iron. Clearly preferred above square-shaped closed-core transformers, toroidal transformers are used in a number of places – from inverters to your TV.



Today toroidal power transformer manufacturers are an important part of the electronic industry in India. Because of their reliability and inexpensive costing, they are also gaining important presence in international trade, both as part of the Indian electronic device trade and as primary suppliers to international manufacturers.

Toroidal transformer

A transformer is an electric device that uses electromagnetic induction to transfer electric energy between two or more circuits. Varying current in one circuit produces a reciprocal effect or voltage in the other circuit. This is one of the simplest electrical component and can be found in almost all electrical devices – from a battery charger to complex computers.

As mentioned above, the toroidal transformer has a round core. The core is laminated and made of multiple layers. These ring-shaped layers are stacked on top of each other, creating a hollow cylinder. The wire is wrapped around this multiple-layered ring. The hollow cylindrical design can also make the wrapping of wires a more meticulous and time consuming task when compared to an EI or square-shaped transformer. Yet, its superior qualities makes it a clear winner.

Why are toroidal transformers preferred above other shapes?

The traditional preference for electrical devices was actually the EI transformer. Toroidal transformers gained traction because of their many advantages. A toroidal power transformer uses lesser power and bring better performance and efficiency. Here are some of the advantages of a toroidal power transformer:

  • High efficiency: The biggest advantage of toroidal power transformers is its higher efficiency. The design of this transformer means that the average off-the-shelf product of toroidal power transformer manufacturers will meet the mark. The structure ensures that the grains are in the same magnetic direction. This significantly raises its efficiency. The usual El design lacks this uniformity. The tight stacking also means there are no air gaps. We can also get a higher flux density by closely wrapping wire windings around the core.
  • Lesser noise: The toroidal transformers make far less noise than the El transformers. This is because there is no air gap in the toroidal transformer and this reduce the noise significantly. Tightly wound wires further reduce the sound unlike the fairly loud humming sound in an El transformer.
  • Low magnetic field: The structure of the toroidal transformer makes for a much lower magnetic field. The wire windings create a shield around the core. This concentrates the magnetic field. The magnetic field is almost 1/10th the size of an El transformer’s magnetic field. Low magnetic field further reduces the noise level of the transformer. This makes it more suitable for equipment where low noise levels are detrimental, such as medical equipment.
  • Simple housing: The tight windings and low magnetic field not only makes the magnetic field smaller, it also lessens magnetic leakage. The windings around the core also means that we toroidal power transformer manufacturers need not get any special shielding. It means that the transformer does not require any special structure and will do perfectly well with a simple housing. It is also very easy to mount. A single bolt at the centre will do the job.
    Small size: Toroidal transforms can be built in fairly compact size. The small size still packs high efficiency. This makes it suitable in places where space is an important consideration, such as devices like amplifiers.
  • Flexibility in design: The toroidal power transformer has a very flexible design. If the central hollow core is kept constant, the size of the ring and the height of the stack can be varied. The dimensions affect the functioning of the transformer. Hence, the flexibility of the structural design means that we can design it to suit the purpose of the transformer.


The toroidal power transformer is a vital part of any electronic system. The flexibility of its design means that toroidal power transformer manufacturers can customise the design. The compact size and high efficiency makes it the ideal choice.


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